A Note from Melissa Sue

If you're reading this right now I want to say hi and welcome! You've found the studio thats RIGHT FOR YOU! I created PEAK Performing Arts with a desire to bring something AMAZING to Apex NC. Dance is my love and my passion. There are many dance studios in the Triangle Area that are fantastic and I value and respect them all, they've created some pretty awesome dancers after all, but PEAK is where it's at and let me tell you why?

  • We value you to the very core! Every single person who steps foot into Peak Performing Arts is so important to us. We want you to be seen and feel seen. What you say and do matters here at PEAK Performing Arts.
  • We create Artists and Athletes! You've heard the age old debate, is dance a sport or an art form? At PEAK we say why not both! We believe it takes a very special person to have the artistic maturity and physical strength to be a dancer. We know you should be viewed as both a performing artist and an athlete. 
  • We are training in a very special way! Do you ever feel like it's all work and no play? Or just for fun and no results? Not at PEAK! With our years of experience and training we know how to create the perfect balance for our dancers. We want you to LOVE what you do! 
  • Last but not least and we can't stress this enough. We truly love you. We say this because we know it's tough out there. When you come to PEAK you can put all the worries you have aside and truly feel that there is a place for you to feel safe and loved. 

I'm so glad you've found yourself at PEAK! I hope you'll be part of our family for years to come!


Free Trial Class

Come join us at Peak Performing Arts with a FREE TRIAL CLASS. We have classes for all ages